De Lijn – De Sint

Every year somewhere in November Sinterklaas (Saint-Nicholas, patron saint of children) arrives in the city of Antwerp. The festive arrival is always a huge spectacle, live broadcasted on national television, and visited by more than 30.000 children and their parents.

De Lijn, the Belgian public transport company, wanted to motivate families to come to the arrival by public transport. Therefore we changed De Lijn’s standard ticket vending machines to Sinterklaas machines. Fully designed and wrapped as a real Sinterklaas. When children sang a song for him, they got a free ticket to use on the day of the arrival.

Sinterklaas also reacted on how well children where singing. When they weren’t enthusiastic enough Sinterklaas they saw an animation of Sinterklaas falling asleep, when they sang very well Sinterklaas started to dance,… .

Art Direction: Julie Vanderbeck
Copywriter: Jasper Declercq
Agency: LDV United
Client: De Lijn
Illustration: Mark Borgions