Stop Colon Cancer – Elon’s toilet

Once you turn 50, the risk of developing colon cancer increases. Therefore it’s the age on which you have to do a stool test every year. Because many people do not know this, Stop Colon Cancer provides an ambitious awareness-raising stunt, involving someone who has lots of followers: Elon Musk.

Anyone who knows Musk knows that his life mission is to live on Mars. We want to make sure he can take his stool test anytime, even when he moves to this planet. And that is why we provided an appropriate gift on its 5Oth birthday: an actual piece of land on Mars where we will foresee his very own toilet. We’ve officially named the piece of land ‘Elon’s Toilet’. Of course: with an official certificate, which was sent to him, along with some stool tests. 

We shared the news on his birthday via a personal tweet that linked to On this immersive website, the story can be discovered by scrolling up, starting on planet Earth, going all the way up to Mars. This website narrated our story and call in a playful way, with Elon Musk and -most importantly- everyone who turned 50. This resulted in an explosion of retweets, all containing that one main message: do the test. 

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Art Direction: Julie Vanderbeck
Copywriter: Matthew Lootens
Agency: LDV United
Client: Stop Darmkanker