Het Nieuwsblad – Podcast campaign

Being a news medium, Het Nieuwsblad know how to be superfast. But some news items, soccer analyses or murder cases deserve an in-depth look at things. To tell the whole story -to people who have their hands full- Het Nieuwsblad introduced an extensive podcast section. And podcasts made with love and care deserve a striking campaign. One that puts the podcast makers of Het Nieuwsblad into the spotlight. Or rather: covered in headlines, creating a unique and eye-catching visual style that we used in a series of ambitious TV-commercials, online videos and campaign images. And of course, being a podcast campaign, radio was also covered. Have a look, have a listen.

Art Direction: Julie Vanderbeck
Copywriter: Matthew Lootens
Agency: LDV United
Client: Het Nieuwsblad