Opel – Mokka e-SMR

In 2021, a year without Brussels Motor Show, it was hard to let people experience new cars. We had to be more creative.  And because the electric Opel Mokka-e was year’s showpiece, we introduced something new: the Mokka e-SRM. 

This is an auditory test drive that plays an important asset: the complete silence of the electric motor. And, consequently, the fact that you can completely relax when you go for a ride. As an answer to the ASMR trend, we let people enjoy a road trip with their eyes closed. One that lets you completely unwind and enjoy raindrops on the windshield, gentle waves on the coast or the relaxing buzz of the city. 

On the Spotify channel of Opel, people were invited to escape from all the stimuli for half an hour, and to relax behind the wheel of the Mokka-e. Heavenly.

Creation: Matthew Lootens, Chiara Scherpereel, Julie Vanderbeck
Agency: LDV United