Zwan – Party Rolls

Zwan came up with a new innovation: the Zwan Party Rolls. A festive puff pastry snack that is tailor-made for every oven. And more so: tailored to everyone who has a mouth. Already a must for those who prefers to deal with the guests rather than preparing snacks that require lots of time and effort. 

The casual cosiness that comes standard with every pack of Zwan Party Rolls, became the approach of a campaign which in the first place translates into a TV spot. One that shows that Zwan Party Rolls is, both literally and figuratively, the snack that everyone has a mouthful to say about. And in this whahy whe howlhowod hoh wffloohnahho howghdoa. Howalsnho. Howloghu? Whogh! 

Creation: Matthew Lootens, Chiara Scherpereel, Julie Vanderbeck
Agency: LDV United